The importance of being realistic when setting your running goals

You have only just recently started running and you are feeling overexcited about the expected results? This is perfectly normal for newbies as well as for runners with some practice as well. Whether your goal is weight loss, or to improve your results and run [...]

Tips for Running Safely At Night

You are confronted with the prospect of running pre-dawn or at night, and want to make sure that you are safe and well while running in the dark? Since running in the dusky hours can be a scary and risky task, you need to take [...]

Rise with a Run: How To Make Running In The Morning Work For You

So, your schedule is so busy that your daily running is suffering? Why not try getting up early in the morning before the other people at home are up and before you start preparing for work or for your daily chores and go for a [...]

Proper Running Shoes Fit

If you are a runner, you must be aware of the fact that getting well-fitting and appropriate running shoes is essential for your performance and for staying injury free when running. If possible, you should ask for the professional assistance of a podiatrist when picking [...]

Common Myths About Running Shoes

There are many myths about running shoes you may or may not have heard, and may or may not choose to believe. We have picked out the top five myths about running shoes, which we would like to look at closely and discuss the facts [...]

How to Whiten Shoes at Home?

Who doesn’t like bright white tennis shoes, right?  The problem is keeping them this bright and white at all times. Thankfully, there are various easy ways to whiten your favorite white tennis shoes at home.  You can clean them manually with mild dishwashing liquid, baking [...]

How Long Does it Take to Run a Mile?

If you are new to running and are thinking about adopting this activity as a form of exercise or a new hobby, you probably are wondering how to begin and how to track your progress. One good approach to monitor how you are doing and [...]

Running vs Jogging – What’s the difference

What they have in common There is no clear cut difference between running and jogging, which is why people tend to use the terms interchangeably. Some experts claim that there is actually a difference between the two activities, and it is the intensity of the [...]

Fun Facts: Famous Athletes with Flat Feet

Many times aspiring runners have given up their dreams of becoming famous athletes because of the fact that they have low arches. Flat feet can cause mild to serious pain in the entire heels, the bunions, knees, ankles, legs and the lower back. Also, if [...]

Discover the Best Toe Separators for Runners (2017)

When do you need toe separators? If you have overlapping, pinched or crooked toes, you are probably painfully aware of the sores, corn and discomfort cramming them in tight shoes or running can cause. This is the reason why toe separators are made. They keep [...]