Best running shoes reviews, recommendations, and guides

Active lifestyle is extremely important for our health. But can you maintain such a lifestyle if you have feet problems? Feet are extremely important for our overall wellbeing. Treat them well. Don’t neglect them.
After all, you spend a lot of time on your feet. Even if you spend a large chunk of your time sitting in an office, driving your car or simply commuting between work and home.

Shoes for common feet problems


Shoes for bunions

A selection of wide running shoes with roomy toe box. Models for both genders, which address the gender specific feet types. Some of the best shoes that are suitable for bunions this year. Find the latest trends as well as classic models.

high arched feet

Shoes for high arches

Flexible cushioned shoes are the best for that foot type. You feet will feel very comfortable in any of the models we suggest. We’ve selected the top-rated models for women and for men

low arched feet

Shoes for low arches

If you suffer from flat feet, look for motion-control shoes that control the motion of the heel. At all costs avoid highly cushioned shoes which will make the condition even worse.

heel pain

Plantar fasciitis

The models we suggest all have excellent arch and heel support, improved toe-to-heel drop, good stability and sufficient shock absorption. We compare the top-rated models for men and the best selling for women.

What to consider before buying running shoes?

Before you start choosing, it is extremely important to know what you want, what you need and what is your budget. Let us list the main factors to look for here:

There are three foot types according to the arch of the feet: high arched, low arched and normal. Choosing the right footwear means the difference between healthy feet and awful pain.
If you have low arches, you need to wear motion control shoes. If you have high arched, look for flexible cushioned shoes. If you are in the normal range, look for moderate control, cushioned shoes.

The most simple explanation of pronation is ‘how you roll your feet’. There are three main types of pronation: neutral pronation, overpronation and supination. Pronation and foot type dictate the kind of shoes you should be after. Learn more about pronation on the Asics website.
Getting the right size is crucial. Make sure to try on your shoes in the evening when your feet are at their largest. They usually swell during the day, and if you try them in the morning, you risk taking a pair that is not exactly well fitted.
Even though there are models that balance well between comfort and balance, many times this is not the case . Just don’t compromise your comfort for the look of your shoes UNLESS you are buying shoes for a pageant. Then the style is of utmost importance. Now were we are talking about running, usually quite a few miles, so don’t prioritize style of shoes over their comfort. Your feet would thank you!
Good quality materials translate into better durability, improved comfort and healthy feet. Many times buying low quality shoes translates into plenty feet problems. Just don’t risk it.
When you fork out 100$+ on your new shoes, you would definitely expect them to last quite a few runs. However, it is recommended to replace your running shoes every 400-500 miles to avoid injury. Even if they are still looking good and there are no evidence of wear, you should scrap them after that mileage. More information why here.
You should expect to spend anything between $100 and $200 for a good pair of sneakers. We try to source the best deals and inform you when there are sales so you can get the most bag for your buck.
It is the last on the list for a reason. We are not devoted BRAND seekers. We recommend shoes from different, but established brands. Brands that won’t compromise and sell you crappy shoes to just take your dollars. Brands you can trust and that have established a good reputation over the years, like ASICS, SAUCONY, MIZUNO, BROOKS, and NEW BALANCE.

Top Rated Running shoes

Here is our selection of the top-rated, best selling running shoes that might be suitable for you:

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We all know exactly how important it is to have the right shoes. As we spend most of our days in shoes and even wear slippers at home, finding and wearing the correct ones is of utmost importance. Don’t just rush through the shelves to pick a pair. Poorly fitted shoes can turn your day into a nightmare. Don’t let that happen to you. We will help you find exactly the pair that fits your needs, taste and budget.
Even though cheap shoes just won’t cut it, we don’t just trust the high priced items. Even though quality comes with a price-tag, things are a little bit more complicated. Hold on we will help you find the most suitable pair for you!