The Altra Torin 3.0 gets to a whole new level of comfort in this model

altra torin 2.0 womens


The Torin 3 running shoes provide an amazingly comfortable and smooth ride due to their amazing three-layered midsoles made of two soft EVA foam layers plus a responsive A-Bound layer over them. Read this quick Altra torin 3.0 review to find all the positive and negatives of the model.

The inside of these shoes provides superb comfort due to the padded sock-liner, the seamless internal construction of the upper as well as the well-padded tongue. The forefoot FootShaped designed toe box of these shoes is sufficiently wide and high to provide a comfortable fit for people with wider feet or those suffering from bunions.

These running shoes are designed and made for high mileage running, as they provide sufficient cushioning and smooth running and yet are light and have a flexible forefoot for a faster running experience. They are zero-drop running shoes and can take some getting used to by runners who are used to running with training shoes with 8-22mm heel-to-toe offsets.


Like all the other Altra running shoes, these have a zero-drop because of the number of advantages this has, including the fact that the forefoot and the heel are at the same distance to the ground, it encourages a natural alignment of the feet, better running technique, a better posture of the body, balances the weight and reduces initial impact when running. The Zero Drop trademark has actually been invented by the founder of Altra Golden Harper, who after serious research and analysis of different types of running injuries and experimenting with the outsoles came up with the signature zero drop outsole design for running shoes which led to a new type of run called the “Altra run.”

Also, the producers are well aware of the anatomical difference in the shape and form of the feet of women and men. Since women are with narrower heels and midfoot areas, and have longer arches and other gender-specific features which is all taken into consideration for the design and make of the women’s Torin 3 running shoes.

They offer smooth heel-to-toe transition and provide a much softer and plushier comfort than a lot of the other neutral maximalist shoes on the market. These running shoes are suitable for endurance runners and have an exceptional energy return, great flexibility and excellent shock absorption and impact protection.

The outsole adds to the flexibility with its unique FootPod design which maps with the tendons and bones of the feet and provides a more natural flex when walking and running.


VERDICT of Altra Torin 3.0 review

These shoes are an excellent choice for people who suffer from foot or leg pain, bunions or plantar fasciitis. They are supportive, lightweight, wide and yet have a cozy and cushioned fit.

altra torin 2.0 review womens
altra torin-2.0 review mens
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