The Gel Nimbus 18 have one of the most durable soles that will endure many miles of running

asics gel nimbus 17 womens


These running shoes feature the latest FluidRide midsole from ASICS plus additional cushioning for the rear and forefoot. The weight is lighter than the previous generations of the GEL-Nibus running shoes. The result of this asics gel nimbus 18 review shows that the fit is definitely improved. The upper is FluidFit which is almost seamless and allows for a sock-like fit and has multi-directional stretch properties. Their fit is improved, and their ComforDry X-40 sock-liner helps cushion the feet and along with their Guidance Trustic System to keep the feet aligned and assist people who underpronate.

These running shoes are breathable and their moisture management system will ensure that your feet are dry, fresh and odor-free at all times.

The impact from the foot hitting the ground is softened and the toe-off shock is absorbed thanks to the additional ASICS GEL cushioning in the rear and front of the shoes, which leads to a comfortable and smoother heel-to-toe transition. The bounce back during running with these shoes is perfect and the running is enhanced.


They have a vertical Guidance Line flex groove which enhances gait efficiency and a Trusstic System which allows for a lighter and yet structurally solid sole.

These sneakers have padded collars and a supportive heel clutching system. They are probably the best running shoes for people with neutral pronation at the moment.

They are suitable for road running as well as for intensive walking.

They provide ample heel-to-toe cushioning and stability which will ensure you have a pain-free and reliable run even if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. The responsive fit and the smooth heel–to-toe transition will allow you to run faster and at longer distances.

Their durable outsoles will endure lots and lots of miles of running or walking. The outsoles are made from ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) which has increased the reliability of these shoes especially during long runs. The DuraSponge outsole material used for the forefoot of these shoes is blown AHAR which adds to the very smooth cushioning. The new Solyte material in the forefoot allows for the delivery of “gender specific” forms and types of cushioning.


VERDICT of Asics Gel Nimbus 18 review

The fit of these shoes is secure and comfortable. They offer a smooth running experience for neutral runners. Their cushioning, responsive feel and their durability make them one of our favorite running shoes this year, and we would recommend them for all neutral runners, even those who have plantar fasciitis. With these shoes the pains will be minimized and hopefully eliminated even during a long run.

asics gel nimbus 17 review womens
asics gel nimbus 17 review mens
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