Gel noosa tri 11 are highly praised for their good cushioning and excellent traction


Running and intensive walking when you have flat feet and are wearing the wrong kind of shoes can be a painful and even dreaded experience, because of the lack of natural shock absorption due to the low to medium arches. This is why ASICS has been developing generation after generation of its GEL-Noosa Tri running shoes for years. The tenth generation of these fantastic running shoes is a running shoe which is as light and as comfortable as ever.

The Solyte midsoles are lighter than all previous models, and yet provide the cushioning and sock absorption sufficient to help runners with flat feet run as fast and as far as ever in the most efficient and effortless manner. The heel-to-toe transition offered by these shoes is as smooth and balanced as ever.

These sneakers have super comfortable rear and forefoot Gel cushion pads for extra support and shock absorption.

The seamless upper of these running shoes is suitable for sockless wear without the risk of blistering or discomfort due to sweating. They have elastic laces plus optional heel and tongue grip systems to improve and elevate your running experience. The lacing system is especially useful in ensuring a very easy, quick and yet secure slipping on of these running shoes during a classic triathlon event or other race.


The Impact Guidance System will improve your natural gait when striding or running, and complemented with the GEL cushioning system in the front and back, running on roads and other hard surfaces will become easier, as the shoe will help absorb the shock and make each step as comfortable as ever.

They are incredibly light and yet their Dynamic DuoMax support system will provide that arch support you desperately need when you have flat feet and yet want to run fast and at long distances.

The Japanese producers have also incorporated their Propulsion Trustic technology which helps transition between heel and toe at the propulsion stage of your walk or run.

Also, the gait is further enhanced by the vertical Guidance Line vertical groove of the midsole of this shoe.

The upper of these running shoes will keep your feet dry and fresh, and yet the outsoles provide an enhanced traction to keep you running and safe even when running on wet surfaces.


VERDICT of Asics Gel Noosa Tri 11 review

Overall, the tenth edition of the Noosa Tri running shoes will make you enjoy running more than ever before, even if you have low to medium arches. They are fascinatingly light, and yet will provide better shock absorption and support to your arches and feet than ever. The energy return and gait enhancement systems of these running shoes will help you run faster and more efficiently as well.

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