The Asics GT-2000 5 has triple density midsole and wider toe box

asics gt-2000 3 womens


These shoes are very similar to ASICS’s flagship Kayano, and yet are at a significantly lower price. We don’t spare anything in this Asics gt-2000 5 review and discuss in detail both the positives and the negatives of the model. The cushioning of these sneakers is from the heel to the toe, and a medium sized toe box, which provides a comfortable fit even for runners who have wider feet or suffer from bunions. The midfoot shank is simple and yet effective – it is quite stiff but it is light and helps keep the shoe and foot from twisting and from any torsional forces while running.

These shoes are designed to provide a softer running experience even when running on the road. The cushioning of the GT 2000 5 shoes is provided by the triple density foam midsole, which has three different types layers with varying density, including a Fluid Ride foam layer which ensures a soft and very pillowed sensation when walking or running. Another of the layers of the midsole is a Dynamic Duomax layer which is the densest one and provides support for overpronating feet.

The triple density midsole helps with the shock absorption from the impact of the heels to the ground, so the soreness, pain in the feet and legs is minimized.


These running shoes have a very durable rear outsole, which is made of the innovative Asics High Abrasion Resistant (AHAR+) carbon rubber. The front of the outsole is from a softer and more cushioned rubber for some extra softness and shock protection.

The Guidance Line in these shoes helps “guide” the feet through the entire gait cycle.

The upper of these running shoes is a combination between traditional sewn overlays with innovative heat pressed lateral ones. Both overlays come together at the external heel counter of the shoes.

The semi-flat laces allow for a comfortable fit and can be adjusted so that the running shoes can be worn by people with wider feet or with bunions as well. The comfortable fit is further ensured by the OrthoLite sock-liners.

Overall, these running shoes offer a very smooth and soft running experience. They are not too supportive, but provide incredible cushioning, so they are probably not the best choice for people have serious overpronation and are heavier. But for mild or moderate overpronators, the amazing cushioning and sufficient support of these sneakers will bring them the ultimate comfort while walking or running.


VERDICT of Asics GT-2000 5 review

People who suffer from foot pain or have bunions, should seriously consider trying these on, as we are highly recommending them as one of the top wide-toe running shoes for 2017.

asics gt-2000 3 review womens
asics gt-2000 3 review mens
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