Quick overview of the best insoles for flat feet

If you have low arches, you are probably aware of the pain and suffering you need to go through when running or exercising intensively, or when standing on your feet and working all day. This problem can easily be resolved by finding the best shoe inserts for flat feet on the market that are suitable for your needs.
It is crucial that you choose the inserts which are most suitable for your feet, in order to feel the positive effect of wearing them and to save money. You should pick orthotics which are not too rigid for your feet, and yet don’t choose the ones which are too cushiony either. The whole idea is that the insoles provide appropriate support for the arches and alleviate the discomfort when you wear them.

Reviews and recommendations for flat feet inserts

Black Inserts by Superfeet

Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

These inserts are 3 inches high and 5 inches wide, so they are suitable for nearly all types of shoes, and in most cases can be worn even without the need of removing the original shoe insoles. These inserts provide light arch support, and are suitable for low arches, plantar fasciitis and other heel or foot pain. Made of high density and thin foam, they provide sufficient comfort to the heels and feet. The Black inserts are the thinnest, so they can be used in dress shoes. They are vegan and have an anti-bacterial NXT coating to keep the unpleasant odors away. They have a stabilizer cap at the base, which adds stability and structure when you place them and wear them in any shoe.

Samurai Low arch Insoles

Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles

Designed and made to help reduce the soreness, pain and risk of injury for people with low arches. They are much cheaper than custom-made orthotics, and yet offer the comfort and support to the arch necessary, because they were designed by podiatrists in accordance to the biomechanics of the heels and feet. These orthotics have a high density padded bas and a springy orthotic shell, and yet are slim enough to be worn in different types of shoes in the place of the factory insoles. Basically these inserts offer one the best arch support for flat feet.

3/4 length unisex Orthaheel

Orthaheel Relief Men’s and Women’s 3/4-Length Orthotic Insoles

These inserts are suitable for people who have serious pronation and flat feet, as well as for painful plantar fasciitis. They will resolve your pain and soreness by providing sufficient and comfortable arch support provided by their EVA base and also by keeping the feet aligned via their deep heel cup. They have heel and forefoot pads which help the energy return when walking and running, and add to the cushioned feeling. They work with most shoes with removable soles, as well as with flat shoes, sneakers and boots. The EcoFresh treatment helps limit moisture and odor, and keeps your feet fresh and dry.

Blue Inserts by Superfeet

Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles

These manmade flat feet insoles are only 2 inches high and 5 inches wide, so they can be worn in nearly any type of shoes, especially in low or medium volume shoes. They are designed and made to help stabilize your feet with their heel cups and provide sufficient support to the arches as well. They are super-thin and yet can help relieve the pain in the heels and feet if you suffer from low arches. They have a NXT anti-bacterial coating, contain no latex and are vegan. They can be trimmed to the best size to fit your heels perfectly.

Full Length Inserts by Powerstep

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthopedic Foot Insoles

These inserts have a polypropylene support shell covering the double-layered EVA cushioning , which helps the shock absorption when walking and keeps the heels and feet in proper position when walking or running. The double layered cushioning provides enhanced comfort and support to the heels and feet. They are covered with a plush VCT layer and an anti-microbial fabric to ensure a cozy and yet dry and fresh feel for your feet.
They offer serious medical-grade support to the arch and stability to the feet, so they are suitable for people who have serious overpronation and very flat feet.

Comfort Orthotic for Sport Shoes

Footminders Comfort Orthotic for Sport Shoes and Work Boots

These insoles are perfect for wider shoes, work shoes, sneakers and golf shoes. They have two EVA cushioning layers and another 2 mm of forefoot and heel cushion pads. They are slightly thicker than some of the other good orthotics for flat feet on the market, but are highly effective in providing sufficient arch support and shock absorption to the feet at all times. Their design is based on biomechanics and they are made in a way which will definitely help relieve your heel and foot pain caused by low arches and overpronation. These are great smf we strongly recommend them if you have serious problems with your low arches.

Features of the good flat feet insoles and benefits of using them

The greatest thing about them is that you can spend a lot less purchasing them instead of special running shoes for flat feet like these. When your shoes wear down, you just switch the orthotics in your new shoes and are good to go.

When looking for the best inserts for flat feet, you should always look at the design, the reputation of the producer, the materials used, as well as the amount of arch support and stability they provide. The choice of the exact thickness and the amount of cushioning and support of the insoles is very individual, so in many cases it is more of a trial and error process until you find the perfect pair for your needs.