Quick overview of the best running shoes for flat feet

Having flat feet and overpronation is a very common condition which affects young and old, and which can lead to discomfort, pain and injuries especially for runners and other active people.
These conditions can be seriously alleviated, and the risk of pain, injury or discomfort can be minimized by choosing the best running shoes for flat feet. The crucial feature of these shoes is a good support system for the collapsed arch, which will help minimize the risk of injury and will help improve the shock absorption while running or walking.

Often, people with flat feet are also overpronators, which should be taken into consideration when looking for suitable shoes which provide the best comfort and stability to your feet and legs.
We have picked our personal favorites for best running shoes for women and for men with flat feet, and hope that it will help you choose the best ones for you.

Top picks for women

New Balance W940V2 running shoes

New Balance Women’s W940V2

This model running shoes offers some amazing stability via some new technologies including a T-beam and Stabilicore mid-foot control to provide medial support. They also have N2 cushioning in the heels.
Their heel-to-toe Abzorb Strobel board helps minimize the impact when hitting the ground when running and walking and provides the ultimate comfort for your feet even during intensive and long running.
The breathable Ortholite foam insoles help add to the overall cushioning and comfort of these shoes. The upper of these wonderful running shoes is made of synthetic and mesh, and the sole is lighter than previous models of this series.
Most importantly, for ladies with flat feet, these shoes have a very stable sole resulting from the Stabilcore, and the TPU shank which provides excellent arch support that is absolutely crucial for ladies with flat feet who want to run comfortably, efficiently and safely.

Brooks Ariel 16 running shoes

Brooks Women’s Ariel 16

These comfortable running shoes provide ultimate support to the feet and arches, and that extra bounce when stepping and running. They are very well cushioned and are very suitable for women with flat feet and overpronation who want to run painlessly and stay active without suffering the pain and discomfort resulting from the low arches and flat feet.
This particular model has more cushioning than any of the preceding models from Brooks, and it allows them to fit like gloves.
The extended stability and improved control is provided by the diagonal roll bar, and the heel-to-toe transition is softened further by the segmented crash pad of these shoes.
The arch support which is so necessary for all runners with flat feet is ensured by the unique Brooks DNA midsole system. It adapts to the size and specific shape of your foot and heel, to your weight, gait, running surface and pace. This means that you will have customized cushioning and support at all times with these sneakers.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 running shoes

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 18

These are among our top picks for the best sneakers for women with flat or medium arches. Fitted with segmented shock absorbing crash pads which reduce the strain and shock as well as provide a smoother heel-to-toe transition when running or walking, these running shoes will alleviate the soreness and reduce the risk of injury during running or exercising, which is quite common for people who have low arches.
The adaptive padding and cushioning of the midsoles of these shoes provides the ultimate comfort even during long and intensive running. Also, the diagonal roll bars add to the support and safety. The insole and upper offer efficient moisture management to ensure that your feet stay dry and cool at all times.
So, if you are looking for comfy, stable and safe shoes for running and training with flat feet, these are a pair of shoes which you should seriously take into consideration. More here

ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 11 running shoes

ASICS Women’s GEL-Noosa FF

These shoes from ASICS are ideal for women with low arches because of several factors. First of all, the gel cushioning in both the rear and forefoot of these shoes makes running painless, safe and easy. The cushioning of these running shoes pillows the shock from the impact with the ground, which can cause serious discomfort, pain and injuries for people with flat feet.
The shoes also have a DuoMax technology to add to the stability of the feet and legs while walking and exercising.
The beautiful colors of the lightweight breathable upper of these sneakers make them one of the top stylish and comfy picks in our list of the best running shoes for ladies who have low arches. Read more

Top picks for men

New Balance M940V2 running shoes

New Balance Men’s M940V3

These shoes from New Balance are among our top recommendations for the best running shoes for men with low arches who are overpronators.
They offer outstanding stability via their Stabilicore medial posts and T-beam central support shanks and thus can prevent some quite painful and serious injuries, which can occur while overpronators with low arches run or train intensively.
Apart from being reliable stability shoes, these sneakers also provide excellent cushioning and effective shock absorption via their N2 responsive and sustainable cushioning system. This helps reduce the soreness and aching of the feet and legs when running with low arches.
The added Ortholite foam inserts add to the cushioning and also helps keep the feet dry and cool even during the most intensive training.
In conclusion, if you have low arches and are an overpronator, this is the pair of running shoes you should definitely take a closer look at.

Brooks Beast 16 running shoes

Brooks Men’s Beast 16

The Beast 16 running shoes are a superb choice for people with flat feet or those suffering from plantar fasciitis. They have been proven to help alleviate the pain and soreness in the feet and legs of people who suffer from these conditions and yet want to stay active, run and exercise.
They have amazing cushioning and provide that extra support to keep the feet safe and rested. The stability and arch support is provided by the comfortable saddle which locks the foot in position. These running shoes provide the necessary shock absorption via their heel-to-toe DNA and BioMoGo cushioning.
They are a bit more expensive than a lot of the other running shoes in this class, but for people who have suffered the pain and injuries resulting from running with flat feet, this should be an easy choice to make if they want to stay active without the pain and risk of injury.

Saucony Omni 15 running shoes

Saucony Men’s Omni 15

This is the next pair of shoes which we highly recommend for men suffering from flat feet. These running shoes offer extraordinary cushioning and stability suitable for those of you who have low arches and are active runners.
The pillow effect of the PWRGRID+ along with the SRC crash pad makes running with these shoes feel like running in the clouds. The shock absorption and the cushioning effect are extremely important for keeping the feet and legs safe from pain or injuries while running or exercising, which unfortunately are common for people who have low arches.
The stability and support for the feet and the arches is ensured by the special heel locking system of these shoes.
These are high-quality, durable, very comfortable and stable running shoes, which we are ready to vouch for as one of the best running shoes for flat feet for 2017.

ASICS Gel Kayano 23 running shoes

ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 23

If you are a runner or are an active person with low arches, then getting a pair of these may help reduce the soreness, fatigue and risk of foot injury to a minimum.
Thanks to their FluidRide cushioning which bounces back, paired with a rear and forefoot GEL cushioning, your heels and feet will land on a very soft and comfortable surface at all times during your run or walk. The arch support and stability of the feet which is crucial for people with flat feet is ensured by the unique heel clutching system and the supportive midsoles of these running shoes.
The upper is seamless and fits like a glove, so it adds to the overall comfort which these shoes provide. This is a top choice for men who suffer from flat feet and are mild to moderate overpronators.

Which characteristics of good running shoes for flat feet you should consider

When shopping for the best running shoes for flat feet, there are several main characteristics which you should be looking for. First of all, they need to offer sufficient and comfortable midsole and heel support to compensate for the low arch. This is very important, because this feature will provide for the necessary shock absorption, and will reduce the strain and risk of injury while running.
The other important feature to look for is stability. When looking for running shoes for flat feet, you should pick a stability shoe or a motion control shoe, depending on the level of pronation you have. It is extremely important to choose the correct shoes for your feet type and is exactly the reason we have separate guide for running shoes for high arches.
Don’t forget to look for running shoes with extra cushioning in the midsole, the rear and front of the foot as well as on the tongue and collar.
Of course, always choose the shoes which are most comfortable for you personally.