Overview of the best running shoes for high arches

If you are a an active person with high arches, then you must know how essential it is to find the most appropriate running shoes to protect you from straining an ankle, getting shin splints or other possible injuries, such as: a tibia fracture, a rupture of the ligaments or plantar fasciitis.

Most of all, you need to find the best running shoes for high arches in order to make sure that your feet and body feel comfortable when you are running, walking or exercising. The running shoes should have proper shock absorption and ensure that you perform at your maximum comfortably and safely.
The shoes suitable for high arches are usually neutral, with less stability but with added cushioning and support for the midsole.
We have tested a number of these sneakers, and here are our top picks for 2017.

What is best for women?

Saucony Ride 10 running shoes

Saucony Women’s Ride 10

These running shoes from the well-known producer is designed based on research of the biomechanics of the human foot, and is very suitable for those of you with higher arches. They will provide amazing comfort from the first time you put them on and go for a run. No breaking-in is required. They have heel-to-toe Powergrid cushioning and an iBR+ sole which is over 30% lighter than the standard blown rubber ones. The insoles are removable, so you can insert your own orthotics for extra support.
The man made mesh upper along with the padded tongue and collar of this shoe allows for a lightweight, breathable and yet comfortable fit.
These shoes are suitable for running marathons and other intensive training, and will lower the risk of suffering from some serious injuries and strain resulting from the high arches. More info

Brooks Glycerin 14 running shoes

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 14

These training shoes feature 3-D fit print upper overlays and a very comfortable saddle construction. They are an excellent choice for women with high arches, as their super DNA midsoles provide serious support during running. Plus, the special rounded heels keep the feet aligned at all times, which reduces the pain and stress on the joints. The removable insoles and the sufficient space which these running shoes provide allow you to use your own orthotics for added comfort and safety. The upper is soft, flexible and lightweight, and yet has a wide enough toe box to give the toes room to comfortably move around.
So, with the extra gel cushioning, comfortable arch support and stability, these shoes will keep you happy and running for miles, without the usual strain and stress on the feet and legs caused by high arches. Read the full review

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 6 running shoes

Mizuno Women’s Wave Prophecy 6

These neutral running shoes are extremely light and yet feature full-length wave cushioning plus an added supportive midsole foam. This makes them perfect for ladies who have high arches and enjoy running, walking and staying active without the pain, soreness and risk of injury which high arches can cause.
These shoes are extra durable because of their X10 carbon rubber fortified outsoles. They have a 12 mm drop and are as light as feathers. The infinity wave insole cushioning adds to the comfort and drastically reduces the stress and shock from impact with the ground while running or walking.
In other words, if you have high arches and want durable, ultralight and perfectly comfortable running shoes, then these ones are definitely worth a try. The added support of these neutral running shoes offers a level of comfort which very few others can offer. True, they are a bit on the high end pricewise, but we must say – they are certainly worth every penny.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 running shoes

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34

Another pair of sneakers which we have picked as leaders in the market for training shoes for ladies with high arches is this model from the legendary Nike Air series. With no breaking-in necessary, you can put them on straight out of the box and go on for a long run. The additional cushioning and support which they offer, makes running or walking feel like walking on a cloud. The zoom air units provide sufficient shock absorption which eases the strain on the feet and legs of people who have high arches. The cushioning, supportive midsoles and the extra toe space just add to the overall comfort provided by these wonderful shoes.
Without doubt, these shoes are strongly recommended for those ladies who are looking for the best running shoes for high arches.

What is best for men?

Brooks Ghost 10 running shoes

Brooks Men’s Ghost 10

These shoes feature a special heel and forefoot pivot support posts for extra control of the alignment of the feet while running and walking. The full-length insole is a segmented crash pad for extra cushioning and shock absorption, which is crucial for keeping your feet and limbs safe from pain and possible injuries, if you have high arches and enjoy running or staying active. They have added protection for the feet ensured by the forefoot ballistic rock shield. The wide toe box (suitable for bunions as well) allows for free and comfortable movement of the toes and the lightweight breathable mesh will help keep your feet cool and dry even in a hot day. The mesh upper and the softly padded tongue makes these shoes fit like gloves.
They are stable and comfortable, and yet light enough to be suitable for men with high arches who enjoy running, walking and exercising.

Saucony Ride 10 running shoes

Saucony Men’s Ride 10

This model from the respected running shoes manufacturer is another top pick for men with high arches. With full-length insole PowerGrid cushioning to make running more comfortable and less strenuous on the feet and legs, these shoes will offer a level of comfort which we rarely have felt.
The reason for the perfect fit and total comfort provided by these sneakers is the fact that they have been designed after intensive research of the biomechanics of the feet and legs, especially those with higher arches.
They have an 8 mm heel to toe drop and a seamless upper which makes them fit like gloves. The iBR+ traction rubber added to the outsole is the reason why they are lighter than most of the other running shoes offered at the moment.
So, when looking for comfortable, lightweight and durable running shoes for feet with high arches, this is definitely a pair of shoes to consider. More info

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 running shoes

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34

These shoes feature the unique and legendary Zoom Air unit in their heels, combined with an additional underfoot crash rail for even better shock absorption while running which is very important especially if you have high arches.
They offer overall comfort and extra support thanks to the seamless mesh upper and the additional supportive Flywire cables.
Probably the only downside is that the extra cushioning can be a bit on the heavier side for competitive running and racing
Nevertheless, just like the preceding models form the Pegasus series, this model provides ultimate comfort during intensive running and training. It is a high-quality and very durable pair of shoes. With its design made to fit people with a neutral strike, and with the added arch support and cushioning, it is absolutely perfect for men who have high arches but want to run, walk and train effortlessly and without pain or risk of injury..

Brooks Glycerin 14 running shoes

Men’s Brooks Glycerin 15

Another pair of shoes which are very suitable for men with high arches, this particular model offers maximum comfort and support for many miles of running and walking.
The added cushioning reduces the strain on the feet and legs, and helps support the arches, thus lowering the risk of injuries which can occur while running.
The lightweight, 3-D printed mesh upper offers a very comfortable and snug fit. The tongue and shoe collar have added padding to hug your ankles and keep the feet aligned and stable.
Overall, these shoes by Brooks are the perfect combination between: durability, light weight, a comfortable fit and added cushioning for shock absorption and extra support, which makes them worthy to be among our top picks for the best running shoes for high arches for 2017. Read the full review

The characteristics of the best running shoes for high arches

Overall, when shopping for running shoes suitable for high arches, the main characteristics you should be looking for are:
• They should be neutral running shoes, with no medial support and with serious midsole cushioning instead – to absorb the shock from running or walking, which is much more serious for people with high arches and no pronation.
• Added full-length insole cushioning and padded collars and tongues for extra support and comfort. The cushioning ranges from foam, gel, air and glycerin, so it is a matter of personal choice which type you find most comfortable. Know your foot type, as different arches need different support level. We have a separate guide with shoes for flat footed runners.
• It is crucial that the running shoes offer sufficient flexibility and is lightweight enough to – allow the person wearing them to perform better and to provide even distribution and softening of the impact when running or walking.
• Having a light, seamless mesh upper which is breathable and offers a comfortable and snug fit is a plus.
• Durability and price-range correlation. Higher quality and more durable running shoes are on the higher end at the market, so you need to set your price range and carefully consider your priorities when shopping for running shoes.