Best shoes for working retail at a glance

You work in a big store and spend long hours walking around and standing while serving the customers? Then you know how important it is to be wearing comfortable shoes when you are at work.
The best shoes for people who work in retail or other professions where most of the time is spend standing or walking around need to be able to reduce and eliminate soreness, fatigue and pain in the feet, legs and back.
If your managers do not have specific requirements for the shoes you need to wear when at work, then here are some ideas based on our top picks for the best shoes for retail working men and women.

#1 Dansko Women’s Professional
#2 Clarks Women’s Un.Loop
#3 Skechers Women’s Skech Air 2 City Love
#4 KEEN Men’s Austin Shoe
#5 ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandal
#6 Skechers 76759 Soft Stride Galley Work Boot

Top picks for women

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

These professional clogs from Dansko are designed and made for ladies who spend hours on their feet – standing and walking. And they have been designed well enough to make it into our top picks for shoes for women in retail, mainly because of:

  • The roomy and very comfortable toe box allowing the toes to spread and relax at all times, and at the same time it has a safety cap to keep the toes safe
  • The added stability from the wide heel
  • The cushioned rocker bottom outsoles which offer great shock absorption and help reduce the risk of injury, soreness and fatigue
  • The sufficient arch support
  • The extra softness and breathability provided by the foam footbeds
  • The fact that the clogs come in textile and leather versions, so ladies can choose
  • That they are manmade by Dansko – a leader in the production of work clogs and shoes

Overall, these shoes are perfect for reducing the tiredness in the feet and legs and to provide comfort at all times, even if you need to spend 12 hour shifts standing or walking in them.

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Clarks Unstructured Women’s Un.Loop Slip-On Shoe

Great shoes from Clarks which we picked as top suitable for ladies who work in retail because of the following features:

  • The soft lambskin lining which provides amazing softness and comfort for the feet at all times
  • The Unstructured breathability system for added coolness and comfort for the feet even after hours of wearing these shoes
  • The extra cushioned collars and heels to keep the feet snug and protected during the long working shifts
  • The comfortable full grain leather uppers
  • The removable leather insoles which reduce friction and keep the feet safely in place while walking and standing

These slip on shoes by Clarks are the perfect shoes for women who work for long hours standing on their feet – they are soft and yet stable, they are durable and keep the feet cool and comfortable for hours and hours.

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Skechers Sport Women’s Skech Air 2.0 City Love Fashion Sneaker

These cool looking sneakers from Skechers are actually perfect work shoes for women in retail because of the astonishing comfort they provide, as well as because of:

  • The memory foam Sketch-Air 360 system of the midsole which provides plush cushioning and serious shock absorption to keep the feet and legs away from fatigue or injuries. Because having comfy shoes for retail work is necessary
  • The sturdiness which offers arch and foot stability to keep the foot in place and safe
  • The breathable upper is soft and flexible, so these shoes are great even for women with wide feet or bunions
  • The padded tongue and collar which also add to the comfort
  • The very soft shoe lining and a breathable memory foam footbed
  • The additional cushioning and absorption of shock from the air bubble outsole

These cool looking sneakers are perfect for ladies in retail who are permitted to wear more sporty shoes. They are extremely comfortable and great looking as well!

Aravon Womens Maya Pump

They may not look like the typical work shoes, but these sweet Mary Jane pumps are actually extremely comfortable and suitable for wearing if you spend long hours on your feet – standing or walking. The reasons why these shoes made it to our top list are:

  • The amazing Abzorb and Primalux double cushioning system in the forefoot and the rear which cushion the feet and absorb the shock from impact with the floor when walking
  • The removable Velocor footbed which has a nice and comfortable deep heel cup for keeping the feet stable and in position at all times
  • The rocker outsole for making walking less tiring and for a better traction
  • The antibacterial treatment of the lining which keeps the feet dry, cool and fresh
  • The fact that they look like cute Mary Jane shoes. However, if you have high arches, we wholeheartedly recommend that you get a pair of our top high arch running shoes

So, if you want to look stylish, and yet feel great at the end of a long shift at work, these pumps by Aravon could be the best choice for you – cushioned, with excellent shock absorption and added stability and breathability.

Top picks for men

KEEN Men’s Austin Shoe

These shoes are not only very nice looking but they also provide the necessary comfort, support and shock absorption to keep the feet and legs happy even after 12 hour shifts at work. This is why we picked them among the top best shoes for men in retail:

  • The perfect cushioning and arch support provided by their metatomical footbeds – this helps reduce the fatigue and stress on the feet and the joints of the legs
  • The fact that they are safety shoes and will keep your toes and feet protected while at work
  • The breathable textile and leather lining which helps the feet feel comfortable, dry and cool even after hours in these shoes. Just make sure you clean them well every now and then
  • The very nice, high quality, water-resistant leather upper

In conclusion, if you need shoes which look well and will keep your feet and legs safe and happy, away from fatigue and soreness even after a long day at work at the store, well this pair of shoes will provide you with all that.

ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandal

In case your store manager and your job does not require that you have safety toe protection, then these sandals could be the perfect work shoes for your job in retail.

We liked them so much, because of:

  • All of the adjustable straps with hoops which allow for the foot to fit absolutely comfortably and yet keep it safely in position
  • The polyurethane midsoles have a full-length “Receptor” system for perfect comfort and cushioning
  • The upper is from soft nubuck leather and has nice stretchable textile lining inside
  • The dual density footbed which helps eliminate odor and bacteria
  • The durability guaranteed by ECCO

So, if you want your feet to feel like you are standing or stepping on clouds all the time while you are at work, do not hesitate to purchase a pair of these sandals, which offer plush cushioning, stability and shock absorption.

Skechers for Work Men’s 76759 Soft Stride Galley Work Boot

These work boots from Skechers may look like sneakers, but don’t let that fool you, because they are safety rated for slip resistance in compliance with OSHA, and they keep the feet stable with every step they take.

We chose them as one of our favorites for men’s shoes for working in retail because of:

  • The removable polyurethane comfort insoles
  • The protection they provide
  • The wide toe box and overall wide fit, which is regulated with the laces
  • The durability of the ASTM rated soles
  • The high quality, soft full grain leather upper

If you want durable, stable, wide and cushioned shoes for work, then this pair of work boots by Skechers is just perfect for you.

Characteristics of the best shoes for retail work

When looking for the most suitable shoes for working in a store or in the retail business, you need to look at shoes which can provide you with the following:

  • Superb cushioning and comfort during the day. Because comfortable shoes for retail workers are a must-have
  • Shock absorption to reduce the stress and the risk of injury of the feet or legs
  • Anti-slippage protection if you work in areas where there could be spillage
  • Fit you well in accordance to your foot shape and arch type
  • Suit your taste and preferences
  • Complies to the requirements of the management
  • Meets your budget

Whatever you do, choose wisely, because these are the shoes you are going to be wearing for hours and hours every day for quite a bit of time!