When do you need toe separators?

If you have overlapping, pinched or crooked toes, you are probably painfully aware of the sores, corn and discomfort cramming them in tight shoes or running can cause. This is the reason why toe separators are made.

They keep the toes apart, provide better comfort and reduce the friction and pressing of the toes into each other.

Here are our top picks for the best toe spacers for runners currently available on the market:

Reviews of the best toe separators for runners:

Natural toe separators by Yogabody

YOGABODY Naturals Toe Spreaders & Separators

These toe separators are designed to be used to unbuckle toes, and can be worn in shoes with wide toe boxes, while practicing yoga, or while relaxing barefoot at home. Here is why we like them:

  • They come in two sizes: large and small, so you can pick the size appropriate for your needs
  • They help improve the balance while practicing yoga for those who have buckled toes
  • They can reduce and eliminate the pain from having buckles toes or tight feet
  • They are washable, latex free and come with a 10 year warrantee
  • They can help resolve issues with gait problems and toe dexterity
  • They can help relieve the pain from bunions or hammertoe resulting from wearing tight shoes.

Great for reducing some painful conditions and improving the balance, these toe spacers are highly recommended if you have buckled toes or tight feet.

Bunions toe separators DR JK- Comprehensive Bunion Relief and Ball of Foot Cushions Kit-10

These toe spacers are orthotic devices designed and produced to resolve the pain from bunions, ball of foot cushions or Hallux Valgus. We chose them as one of our favorite ones, because:

  • Each package includes 5 pairs, including: aligners, toe spacers, protectors, straighteners and pain relief separators
  • They can be worn barefoot or in shoes
  • They have bunion pads to alleviate the pain and reduce the symptoms
  • They are washable
  • They come with a free refund promise if you are not happy

Try this wide variety of toe spacers now, and relieve the pain in your feet now.

Pedifix Gel Smart Visco-gel Toe Spacers – #1125 – Small (4 Pack)

These spacers can help improve the pain and discomfort from overlapping toes, bunions, corns, toenail problems and other. Here are some of their main features which we were impressed by:

  • They come in different sizes
  • They are washable and can be used over and over
  • They can be used barefoot or while wearing shoes
  • They help with bunions, toe alignment and corns

If you want some great, affordable toe separators for running, these are definitely a great choice.

DR JK- Original ToePal: Gel Toe Separators & Toe Spreader (4 Pcs)

We chose these toe separators to be featured in our top picks list, because the kit includes:

  • Two ToePals which are for pain relief after running or at the end of the day
  • Loop separators for improvement of the alignment of the toes and for resolving a number of painful foot problems, such as: bunions, claw toes, Hallux Valgus, hammertoes, etc.
  • Toe stretchers for better balancing during yoga practice

If you pick these toes separators, you will have a set suitable just about for anything – rest, recovery, pain relief, balance or other.

Original YogaToes – Bunions, Hammer Toes, Foot Pain

The gel stretchers also made it into our top choice list due to the following features:

  • They help improve agility and balance
  • They help alleviate the pain and discomfort from plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns, hammertoes, overlapping toes, etc.
  • They can be used for running, yoga practice, training or any other activity, as well as for relaxation
  • They can be washed and reused

If you want to make your feet and toes feel better after running, exercising or spending a long day on high heels, you may want to order one of these sets of toe stretchers. We highly recommend also getting special athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Correct Toes In-shoe Toe Spacers

These in-shoe toe spacers impressed us with the following facts:

  • They were designed by a podiatrist, and have been clinically tested and approved to alleviate a number of different painful and uncomfortable foot and toe problems.
  • They also help improve foot balance, alignment, strength and flexibility
  • They can be worn in shoes or not
  • Washable, durable and comfortable

If you have mild to serious toe or foot problems, you should consider trying out these toe spacers!
The Correct Toes Spacers are not avaliable via Amazon now. Try these instead:

Types of toe spacers

The toe separators are of two types: for wearing in shoes or not. Some of them are made to reduce the painful friction when walking or running and others for improving the balance and posture when practicing yoga, or for correcting and repositioning the toes.

Usually, toe spacers are made of gel or foam and are reusable and can be washed.

The alternatives to the separators are certain adhesives and toe socks which can be used to keep them separated and reduce the friction between them.