You can never get an exact prediction of the time you will get on a half marathon, but based on your experience, on previous results, your gender, age and the weather and running conditions, you might be able to get a close estimate on how long it will take you to run the 13.1 miles.

Average half-marathon time /men,women/

There are some useful charts and calculators online which can give you these time estimations based on your previous recent results, your gender and your age. They will come up with several results, based on some different formulas, so you will have a number of predictions.

It is a good idea to add an additional 10 to 15 minutes to the predictions in order to get a more realistic estimate After all, you do not know how you will be feeling on the day of the half marathon. The weather and the terrain can also affect your results from the running too. Even if you do proper training for the half-marathon, anything can happen to affect your performance.

If you are an experienced half-marathon runner, you should be able to make a more accurate prediction for you running time based on your previous results.

To find out what to expect about your placing in the run, it is a good idea to take a look at the results from the previous years of the same half-marathon. This way, you can use your predicted result to place yourself in the top percentage, the middle or back.

Also, keep in mind that some half marathons have a time limit of 3 hours, so if you are unexperienced, untrained or if your predictions are for 3 + hours, you should probably reconsider your participation in this one.

Good half-marathon time /men,women/

If you want to know what an excellent time for running a half marathon is, then in theory – for professional males running 13.1 mile for less than an hour should be considered an excellent result, and running this distance by a professional female runner for 1:10 is also considered excellent.

In reality though, the results are usually quite slower. In the US, the average half marathon results for 2015 were: 2:04:00 for the men and 2:22:21 for the ladies. It is a fact that a very small percentage of the runners go to these events to win them. The majority participate for the participation and with a goal to cross the finish line.

If you are a newbie to half marathons, a good time goal to set for yourself is under 2 hours. This is a decent result which means you have ran each mile for 9:09. It is also advisable to set more realistic goals, and to try to beat your own personal record rather than bothering what your placing is and what the other runners are doing. Want to see how you fare compared to the world’s elite?

Current World Time Records For Half Marathon

Men – 58:23 which was set by Zersenay Tadese of Eritres at Lisbon Half Marathon on 21st March 2010
Women – 1:04:52 which was set by Joyciline Jepkosgei of Kenya at Prague Half Marathon on 1 April 2017

To get properly prepared for running a half marathon, you should train for at least 12 weeks beforehand. Of course, if you are an experienced half marathon runner, you may need only six weeks to get ready for your next one. Preparation is very individual, so make sure you take all factors, such as: experience, age, fitness level and health condition, weather, etc. when planning for a participation in a half marathon, and when deciding when to begin preparing for it.


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