Many runners have flat feet or low arches. Being with flat feet doesn’t mean that you should avoid running. The fact is that one third of the population has either low arches or flat feet, and part of this one-third are runners and athletes.

If you are not sure whether your feet are flat, wet the foot and step on a dry surface to create an imprint of your heel. If it is of a complete foot, then you probably have low arches or flat feet.


Disadvantages of flat feet

The problem with running with flat feet is that people with low arches tend to overpronate. This means that the feet roll inward excessively and the foot strikes more to the outside of the heel. This overpronation could become the cause of serious injuries and soreness, not only of the ankles, but the other joints of the legs as well as to the lower back as well.

The good news is, that at least people with flat feet have better shock absorption than those with high arches. In fact people with high arches who run are also prone to injuries, soreness and fatigue due to the rigidity of the foot and the lack of shock absorption.

Suitable technique for running with flat feet

The most important thing is to find the best running shoes for flat feet. This means finding sneakers which have to be of the motion stability type. They need to feature firm midsoles, and have a medial post which helps keep the feet aligned and stops them from overpronating.

The running shoes shouldn’t offer too much cushioning, because it encourages overpronation.

Another precaution which runners with low arches or flat feet should take is getting custom made orthotics. This is quite an expensive endeavor though, so you can rather turn to the much cheaper shoe inserts for flat feet. Ask your podiatrist for a recommendation for the best type of inserts to buy.

But how to run with flat feet? How to deal with them if you are a runner? Luckily, there is a running with flat feet technique.If you have flat feet and are a runner, you need to avoid running on uneven terrains. Find

If you have flat feet and are a runner, you need to avoid running on uneven terrains. Find leveled surfaces to run on, because uneven surfaces tend to increase the overpronation, and thus increase the risk of injuries to the feet and legs.

There is an exercise which you can try doing on a daily basis, in order to “rebuild” your arches. Sit on a chair with your presumably flat feet on the floor. Your knees should be at 90 degrees from the floor. Place a towel flat on the floor, and try grabbing it with your toes by curling them up. Now pull the towel toward your body 10 times. After that, do the same exercise but in reverse. Hold the towel with your curved toes and push it away from the body to the floor. Repeat this 10 times too.


So, if you have been told or have read somewhere that it is impossible to be a good runner if you have flat feet – do not believe this statement. By taking the above-mentioned precautions, you can run as long and as fast as you want even if your feet are as flat as pancakes.