Use Mizuno Wave Rider 20 for ultimate comfort, good resiliency and a smooth ride


True to its traditions, the latest Waver Rider 20 neutral running shoes provide for a comfortable and smooth running performance. Every detail of this model would be discussed in this Mizuno Wave Rider 20 review.

This model is especially suitable for those of you who suffer from bunions, mainly due to its lace-up upper which allows for a flexible and adjustable fit, which will help decrease the friction of the foot with the shoe during walking and running. The innovative mesh upper also allows for further flexibility to suit the shape of your feet and provides the right amount of breathability to keep your feet cool, dry and fresh at all times. The Dynamotion FIT technology used helps the upper and the shoe to adjust and move with the feet seamlessly and reduce discomfort from the stress points in the feet while walking and running.

These shoes are suitable for neutral runners and provide all the necessary comfort and support which make them liked and preferred by many endurance runners.


The rubber outsoles have Ideal Pressure Zones to help distribute the pressure evenly, to ensure a smoother heel-to-toe transition and to reduce the shock from impact with the ground when running or walking, so your feet will remain comfortable and pain-free even after long and intensive walks or running.

They feature a Segmented Crash Pad which provides superb cushioning and helps ensure a smooth transition from the heel to the toe in every step or stride you make.

The rounded heels of these sneakers will help keep your feet stay aligned and along with them your body will be properly aligned as well which leads to a more efficient running pace and stride.

With a design based on the latest innovations in the area of biomechanics and nanotechnologies, these sneakers are made to enhance your walking and running performance, to increase the energy return at all times, and to ensure that you run faster and longer no matter what your pace size and weight is.


VERDICT of Mizuno Wave Rider 20 review

Thanks to the Parallel Wave Technology, these shoes provide the perfect balance between cushioning, stability and inhibiting overpronation, so even people suffering from bunions can run comfortably and safely with them.

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