The men’s M940V2 and the women’s W940V2 are really classy and yet so comfortable

new balance w940v2 womens


This year, New Balance has come up with yet another running shoe which is the perfect choice for men and women who are moderate to severe overpronators and have flat feet or suffer from plantar fasciitis. These stability running shoes provide excellent cushioning and support to keep your feet and yourself pain-free and safe during intensive running or walking.

The New Balance N2 cushioning provides maximum close-to-the-ground cushioning for the feet. Very lightweight but with excellent responsiveness, sustainability and durability, the cushioning system will help absorb the shock from running at all times and will provide optimal comfort to your feet and legs. The stability and support for the arches is provided by the medial support Stabilcore system along with the mid-foot T-beam center beam control.

The footbeds are from Ortholite foam which adds to the comfort and provides sufficient breathability to keep your feet fresh and cool even during marathons and intensive races.


The good part is that if you need yet additional comfort and need to use your own insert or orthotics, these shoes can fit them as well.

Given that these running shoes were designed for people with flat feet and with overpronation, this should be a good enough reason to give them a try in case you are in this category.

They may look bulky, but actually they are very light and super comfortable and effective when running. Toeing off while running is not affected by the substantial midfoot control of these sneakers. So, they will not only provide the necessary comfort and shock absorption, but will also enhance your running performance as well.

We would highly recommend you try out these US made running shoes if you suffer from low to medium arches and overpronate. We are confident that they are stable and comfortable enough to make running and walking fun again even for those of you with severe pain in the feet and legs caused by the lack of natural shock absorption while running because of the flat feet.


VERDICT of New Balance 940v2 review

With the proven quality of New Balance and the special stable design, these running shoes are definitely worth every cent, so don’t hesitate to choose them as your next best running shoes for flat feet.

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