You have plantar fasciitis, or other problems with your feet? It is possible that the most suitable insoles for your shoes can resolve you problem with foot, leg and back pain. Finding the best type of insole for your specific foot type and gait type is crucial, especially if you are a runner.

The problem with choosing the most appropriate insoles is that there is such a wide choice available, and that they all seem very similar.

Here are some facts which might help you choose between Superfeet, Powerstep and Spenco insoles which are among the top most popular brands available.

Comparing Powerstep vs Superfeet vs Spenco Insoles:

What they have in common

They are all excellent replacements to the stock sockliner in running shoes, and can all provide support and reduce foot pain by adding stability for the foot and support for the heels and arches. They are all affordable and much less expensive than customized orthotics.

Both Superfeet and Powerstep insoles have a shell-like form which cradles the heel and keeps the foot in position while running or walking. This helps reduce the pain and soreness in the heels, legs and back which many runners suffer from. Both these insoles have little or no extra cushioning.

Spenco offers support too. The various models from this brand offer different levels of support for the arches and heels, but Spenco insoles provide medium to serious cushioning too.

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The differences

The shell-like shape of Powerstep and Superfeet insoles is a similarity, but there is a difference in the construction of both brands. Superfeet insoles are made of one whole piece which keeps the entire heel in place, while Powerstep insoles are ¾ shaped which quite a few runners and non-runners find more comfortable.

Both Powerstep and Superfeet have a very thin foam layer and provide little or no cushioning, which makes them suitable for tighter running shoes or for wearing along with the sockliner, and some models of Superfeet insoles can even be worn with dress shoes. Spenco have a lot of padding, so are suitable for wider shoes.

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The fact is, that all of these three famous insoles brands offer high quality insoles which can help relieve foot pain and make life much better for many runners and for people who suffer from foot, leg or back pain in everyday life.

It is also a fact that Superfeet, Powerstep and Spenco are all much more affordable than customized orthotics which a podiatrist can make you.

But finding the best insoles for your specific needs, foot shape, gait types and shoes can be a tricky thing to do. This is why, testing various options and experimenting with different models of all three brands is a good idea.

For maximum support and stability, you should probably take a closer look at the available models from Superfeet and Powerstep. If you are looking for some extra cushioning and comfort, turn your attention to the insoles offered by Spenco.

So, overall there is no right answer to the question – which insoles are the best and most suitable from Spenco, Superfeet and Powerstep. It all depends on you specific situation and needs. Whichever pair of insoles you choose – you can be sure that you are getting excellent quality insoles.

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