The Ride 10 are manufactured with the highest quality materials and great attention to detail


If you have high arches and yet enjoy running, you need to pick your running shoes very carefully in order to find the most appropriate pair of shoes which will help prevent possible injuries, strain and discomfort when running.

Read this Saucony Ride 10 review to find why these running shoes are a recent top choice for sneakers for people with high arches. They offer comfortable cushioning when road running, and will help absorb and reduce the shock from the impact of your feet to the hard ground.

Both men and women with high arches can safely resort to these shoes, and be sure that their walking and running experience will become much safer, efficient and pain-free.

The padded tongue and collar of these sneakers will support the feet and keep them comfortable at all times.

These running shoes are designed and made with the latest innovations in the biomechanics field in mind. The new Grid feature of the soles provides added stability to the arches, feet and the body while in motion. The cushioning system helps improve the comfort and add to the shock absorption while running. This will help you stay safe from possible injuries, soreness in the feet and legs even if you are an endurance runner with high arches.


The smooth heel-to-toe transition is provided via the PowerGrid cushioning. At the same time, the iBR+ system enables that that the soles are 33% lighter and cushioned as compared to standard blown rubber, so these sneakers are lightweight and improve your running performance. To further lighten these shoes, Saucony has added the innovative FLEXFILM upper which is seamless and almost featherweight for an easy and comfortable fit.

These running shoes available both for both genders are one of our top picks for the best neutral shoes for high arches and neutral pronation for 2017. They are perfect for everyday running, and provide sufficient cushioning and plush softness while remaining responsive enough throughout the run.

With a snug feel provided by the innovative mesh upper, these shoes still have sufficient toe space for a comfortable run.


VERDICT of Saucony Ride 10 review

All in all, the Ride 10 running shoes are strongly recommended for people who have high arches and want to find the best sneakers to help them run better, safer and more. Made of the highest quality materials and with ultimate care for the client, these shoes should be the next ones on your list when shopping for running shoes for your high arches.

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